Nurse allegedly performed exorcism instead of medical care for inmate who was having a seizure

An inmate who was having a traumatic medical episode was treated with ancient superstition rather than 21st Century medical care.

The Oklahoma Sheriff’s Department is conducting an investigation into an incident at the county jail where a nurse allegedly chose to perform an exorcism rather give medical care to an inmate who was having a seizure.

According to KOCO 5 News, the inmate died the very next day. The nurse is reportedly no longer performing medical duties at the facility.

Authorities say that instead of helping 32-year-old Amanda Freeman, the nurse instead chose to try to perform an exorcism — a religious ritual that claims to cast out demonic possession. The nurse, identified by The Oklahoman as 64-year-old Linda Herlog Jackson, has denied the accusation.

Jail officials who witnessed the incident claim Herlog said, “I revoke you demons,” as Freeman thrashed about from the seizure. One witness said that Herlog even asked beforehand if anyone minded if she performed the ritual. The exorcism was stopped when a sheriff’s lieutenant arrived on the scene and realize what was going on.

Criminal charges against the nurse are being considered.

From The Oklahoman:

Detention officers and the nurse responded to the inmate’s cell because she was experiencing what was described as seizure-like activity, according to the sheriff’s investigator. Jackson was supposed to get the inmate’s vital signs but was having difficulty because the inmate was thrashing around so much.

Eventually, detention officers were able to restrain Freeman and move her to the jail’s medical floor. She died the next day, shortly after being found unresponsive in her cell at 4:50 a.m., records show.

Agents with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation interviewed Jackson about the incident. She denied performing an exorcism but did describe Freeman as having supernatural strength, according to reports.

Freeman, who was initially arrested on a drug charge, died due to heart trouble brought on by methamphetamine use. As of now, Jackson isn’t facing any criminal charges.

Featured image: Amanda Freeman (Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office)

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