Bundy militiamen may have to fork over $3.4 million to taxpayers for Oregon occupation

An Oregon state representative introduced legislation that may make Ammon Bundy and other militants repay Harney County taxpayers for the millions they wasted during the ongoing occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Preserve.

Image: Cliven Bundy (Flickr)

Oregon Democrat Earl Blumenauer proposed a bill that would require the U.S. Department of Justice to “to quickly reimburse state and local law enforcement agencies up front for costs associated with responding to the armed takeover.” Then, the U.S. Attorney General could sue Bundy and the other militants to cover those costs.

Blumenaur held the federal government responsible for prolonging the occupation, by refusing to step in earlier and arrest the militants. However, if the Justice Department repays the Harney County, they could sue the militants involved.

“It would allow the federal government to go after the armed people who started it,” Blumenauer said. “But in the meantime, the people of Harney County shouldn’t have to suffer twice — had the disruption and then have to pay the bill.”

The occupation’s post to taxpayers is still unclear. A Oregon judge estimated last month that the occupation cost $70,000 a day, while Blumenaur estimated $100,000 a day. While Bundy and six other militants were arrested, the occupation is still ongoing, and is currently in its 33rd day.

Although it appeared that the occupation was winding down after the arrests last week, the remaining militia members are not planning on giving up soon.

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  1. Gregg Hodge

    February 4, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    Put them up against a wall these traitors need killing

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