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Chrissy Teigan to Ann Coulter: ‘When you’re old, you won’t be proud of the life you lived’

Chrissy Teigan tells the truth about Ann Coulter.

President Trump’s recent tirade against immigrants from “shithole countries” has apparently reinvigorated Ann Coulter‘s enthusiasm for the MAGA brand, if only temporarily.

Coulter, who enthusiastically endorsed Trump mainly because of his stance on immigration, has been notably outspoken against the President for seemingly dragging his feet on the promised border wall among other campaign promises. But when news of of Trump’s comments during a bipartisan Oval Office meeting broke, Coulter and her fellow anti-immigrant pundits have been going to town on the term “shithole,” saying it describes a hard truth about the problems of immigration and has nothing to do with racism.

The logic goes something like this: If these countries aren’t shitholes, then why are immigrants so eager to leave them?

Today, Coulter tweeted out this gem:

Naturally, it prompted a strong response:

But one of the most biting responses came from model and activist Chrissy Teigan, who retweeted Coulter’s failed joke and told her that playing to a racist following is something she’ll regret later in life.

“I don’t believe you really believe all the things you say,” Teigan tweeted to Coulter. “You found an opening in the racist, hateful marketplace and secured it. But when you’re old, you will not be proud of the life you lived. Of anger and hate. Pandering to the angry and hateful. It really is a shame.”

A shame indeed.

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