Dan Rather: ‘Someone take away Trump’s phone and tell him he has a very big job to do’

Donald Trump is freaking out on Twitter, and veteran journalist and newsman Dan Rather has something to say about it.

In the wake of recount efforts led by Jill Stein (with Hillary Clinton now on board) in key swing states, Trump’s loss of the popular vote by 2.2 million seems to be gnawing at his ego.

In his latest Twitter tirade, Trump is claiming, without evidence, that his popular vote loss was the result of “millions of people — a claim that seems to have originated on Alex Jones‘ conspiracy site InfoWars. When Politifact looked at the claim, they rated it “false” and found that the Infowars story sourced a report that did not exist and tweets from an individual who refused to provide his evidence.

In light of all this, Rather took to his official Facebook page and called on Trump’s closest confidants to “please take away his phone and tell him that he now has a very big job to do” that involves dealing in “reality.”

“There are no training wheels for being president,” Rather wrote. “You go from a common citizen to the most powerful person on the planet. And that is not a joke.”

War, the economy, and climate change are serious matters that a president must confront; serious matters that “shape millions of lives and our world,” Rather wrote. But Trump would rather spend his time “tweeting lies – lies – about illegal votes.”

The very job description of the presidency is you can’t afford to be petty. Richard Nixon was and it destroyed him. But I can’t think of anyone else who was so obsessed with apparent slights and minutiae. Donald Trump has won the presidency. I know there is a movement to recount votes in a few key states, but barring a plot twist worthy of the Twilight Zone I can’t see all of this changing much. For Trump it should be a minor distraction to task a junior aid to keep in touch with not what dominates his mind to such a degree that he issues multiple public statements about it – statements far adrift from any reported fact.

You can read Rather’s Facebook post in full here.

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