Here are the disturbing texts from Michelle Carter pressuring her boyfriend to commit suicide

For almost a week, Michelle Carter pressured her boyfriend to commit suicide until he finally gave in.

According to prosecutors, for almost a week Michelle Carter pressured her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to commit suicide until he finally gave in. She even researched methods that would make the event less painful and counseled the 18-year-old to overcome his fears, all while lying to police, his family, and her friends about his whereabouts before and after he poisoned himself with carbon monoxide in his pickup truck.

“You’re finally going to be happy in heaven. No more pain,” she told him in one message. “It’s okay to be scared and it’s normal. I mean, you’re about to die.”

Carter, who was 17 at the time of Roy’s death, is now facing manslaughter charges in a Massachusetts juvenile court.

If the brief outline of this story isn’t nauseating enough, this Friday prosecutors released the text messages between Carter and Roy leading up to that fateful day. It shows a troubled young man unsure about taking his own life, and the girlfriend he trusted relentlessly assuring him that it was the right decision.

Here’s an excerpt of text exchanges between the two in the week leading up to Roy’s suicide:

CONRAD ROY: How was your day?

MICHELLE CARTER: When are you doing it?

CONRAD: Since you don’t get your snapchat anymore, I sent them to you.

CARTER: (Smiley face) My day was okay. How was yours?


CARTER: Really?


CARTER: That’s great. What did you do?

CONRAD: Ended up going to work for a little bit and then just looked stuff up.

CARTER: When are you gonna do it? Stop ignoring the question

Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter

According to prosecutors, Carter’s motive was to receive as much attention and sympathy as she could as a result of her boyfriend’s death.

The exchanges below took place the day of Roy’s suicide:

CARTER: You can’t think about it. You just have to do it. You said you were gonna do it. Like I don’t get why you aren’t.

CONRAD: I don’t get it either. I don’t know.

CARTER: So I guess you aren’t gonna do it then. All that for nothing. I’m just confused. Like you were so ready and determined.

CONRAD: I am gonna eventually. I really don’t know what I’m waiting for but I have everything lined up.

CARTER: No, you’re not, Conrad. Last night was it. You kept pushing it off and you say you’ll do it, but you never do. It’s always gonna be that way if you don’t take action. You’re just making it harder on yourself by pushing it off. You just have to do it. Do you want to do it now?

CONRAD: Is it too late? I don’t know. It’s already light outside. I’m gonna go back too sleep. Love you. I’ll text you tomorrow.

CARTER: No. It’s probably the best time now because everyone is sleeping. Just go somewhere in your truck and no one is really out there right now because it’s an awkward time. If you don’t do it now you’re never gonna do it, and you can say you’ll do it tomorrow, but you probably won’t. Tonight? Love you.

CONRAD: Thank you.

CARTER: For what. Are you awake?


CARTER: Are you gonna do it today?


CARTER: Like in the day time?

CONRAD: Should I?

CARTER: Yeah, it’s less suspicious. You won’t think about it as much and you’ll get it over with instead of wait until the night.

CONRAD: Yeah then I will. Like where? Like I could go in any enclosed area.

CARTER: Go in your truck and drive in a parking lot somewhere, to a park or something. Do it like early. Do it now, like early.

CONRAD: Didn’t we say this was suspicious?

CARTER: No. I think night is more suspicious, a kid sitting in his car turning on the radio. Just do it. It wouldn’t be suspicious and it won’t take long.

CONRAD: Okay. I’m taking Holly for a walk.


CONRAD: I don’t know why I’m like this.

CARTER: Sometimes things happen and we never have the answers why.

CONRAD: Like, why am I so hesitant lately. Like two weeks ago I was willing to try everything and now I’m worse, really bad, and I’m LOL not following through. It’s eating me inside.

CARTER: You’re so hesitant because you keeping over thinking it and keep pushing it off. You just need to do it, Conrad. The more you push it off, the more it will eat at you. You’re ready and prepared. All you have to do is tum the generator on and you will be free and happy. No more pushing it off. No more waiting.

CONRAD: You’re right.

CARTER: If you want it as bad as you say you do it’s time to do it today.

CONRAD: Yup. No more waiting.

CARTER: Okay. I’m serious. Like you can’t even wait ’till tonight. You have to do it when you get back from your walk.

CONRAD: Thank you.

CARTER: For what?

CONRAD: Still being here.

CARTER: I would never leave you. You’re the love of my life, my boyfriend. You are my heart. I’d never leave you.


CARTER: I love you.

CONRAD: Love you, too.

CARTER: When will you be back from your walk?

CONRAD: Like, five minutes.

CARTER: Okay. So you gonna do it?

CONRAD: I guess.

CARTER: Well, I want you to be ready and sure. What does that mean?

CONRAD: I don’t know. I’m freaking out again. I’m over thinking.

CARTER: I thought you wanted to do this. This time is right and you’re ready. You just need to do it. You can’t keep living this way. You just need to do it like you did the last time and not think about it and just do it, babe. You can’t keep doing this every day.

CONRAD: I do want to but I’m like freaking for my family I guess. I don’t know.

CARTER: Conrad, I told you I’ll take care of them. Everyone will take care of them to make sure they won’t be alone and people will help them get through it. We talked about this and they will be okay and accept it. People who commit suicide don’t think this much. They just could do it.

CONRAD: I know. I know. LOL. Thinking just drives me more crazy.

CARTER: You just need to do it, Conrad, or I’m gonna get you help. You can’t keep doing this everyday.

CONRAD: Okay. I’m gonna do it today.

CARTER: You promise?

CONRAD: I promise, babe. I have to now.

CARTER: Like right now?

CONRAD: Where do I go?

CARTER: And you can’t break a promise. And just go in a quiet parking lot or something.


CARTER: Go somewhere you know you won’t get caught. You can find a place. I now you can. Are you doing it now?Later that afternoon, the conversation continued

CONRAD: I’m determined.

CARTER: I’m happy to hear that.

CONRAD: I’m ready.

CARTER: Good because it’s time, babe. You know that. When you get back from the beach you’ve gotta go do it. You’re ready. You’re determined. It’s the best time to do it.

CONRAD: Okay, I will.

CARTER: Are you back?

CONRAD: No more thinking.

CARTER: Yes. No more thinking. You need to just do it. No more waiting.

CONRAD: On way back. I know where to go now.

CARTER: Where?

CONRAD: A parking lot. There is going to be no cars there at 9:00. So that’s when I’ll be found.

CARTER: Okay, perfect. When will you be home?

CONRAD: Ten minutes. Ha ha, that’s perfect.

CARTER: Okay. And, well, yeah, I don’t know.

CONRAD: Like, I don’t want to kill anyone else with me.

CARTER: You won’t.

CONRAD: When they open the door they won’t know it’s odorless and colorless.

CARTER: You’re over thinking. They will see the generator and realize you breathed in CO too.

CONRAD: So should I keep it in the back seat or front?

CARTER: In the front. You could write on a piece of paper and tape it on saying carbon monoxide or something if you’re scared.

CONRAD: I was thinking that but someone might see it before it actually happens.

CARTER: Well, wait, the generator is gonna be on because you’ll be passed out, so they’ll know you used carbon monoxide. Dead. It’s not loud is it?

CONRAD: Not really, LMAO.

CARTER: Okay, good. Are you gonna do it now?

Conrad Roy III (via Facebook)

Conrad Roy III (via Facebook)

At approximately 5:08 PM, Roy had returned from the beach and was considering backing out of the plan.

CONRAD: I’m home.




CONRAD: I don’t know. I’m stressing.

CARTER: You’re fine. It’s gonna be okay. You just gotta do it, babe. You can’t think about it.

CONRAD: Okay. Okay. I got this.

CARTER: Yes, you do. I believe in you. Did you delete the messages?

CONRAD: Yes. But you’re going to keep messaging me.

CARTER: I will until you turn on the generator.

CONRAD: Okay. Well, I’m bringing my sisters for ice cream.

CARTER: So will you do it when you get back?

CONRAD: Yup, I’ll go right there.


CONRAD: Love you.

CARTER: I love so much.

CONRAD: (Smiley face).


CONRAD: Ha ha. What are you doing?

CARTER: Nothing really. Just resting.

CONRAD: Okay. Ha, ha I’m procrastinating.

CARTER: Yeah, ha ha, I know. Are you back?


CARTER: So it’s time?

CONRAD: Oh, it’s been time.

CARTER: Are you gonna do it now?

CONRAD: I just don’t know how to leave them, you know.

CARTER: Say you’re gonna go the store or something.

CONRAD: Like, I want them to know that I love them.

CARTER: They know. That’s one thing they definitely know. You’re over thinking.

CONRAD: I know I’m over thinking. I’ve been over thinking for a while now.

CARTER: I know. You just have to do it like you said. Are you gonna do it now?

CONRAD: I still haven’t left yet, ha ha.


CONRAD: Leaving now.

CARTER: Okay. You can do this.

CONRAD: Okay. I’m almost there.

Carter Twitter

Screenshot from Carter’s now deleted Twitter account

According to court documents, Carter talked with Roy on the phone for 43 minutes after the above exchange. At some point during the call, Roy exited his car out of fear, but Carter convinced him to get back in. His body was found in his pickup truck after his parents reported him missing.

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  1. Melanie

    September 29, 2015 at 4:07 am

    JEsus Christ I just threw up. Are people really this sick..she is saying I love you, go kill yourself? How could she do this to his family? This seems like munchausen by proxy, she wanted him to die so she could reap the attention of the dead guys gf, this guy fell for it, and she is a disgusting human being. There should be laws where she cannot have children, because she might try and kill them too for the attention. 🙁

    • jake bennette

      January 30, 2016 at 7:46 pm

      if she does get leniency for a medical diagnosis for that proxy thing.. then I hope they do make her infertile her DNA shouldn’t be allowed to fester and evolve alongside other humans. I wish they had the death penalty in MA

  2. Demi Lynn

    October 3, 2015 at 11:13 pm

    It’s called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. When people like this have children, those children suffer in ways you can’t imagine.

    • D. Erp

      January 8, 2016 at 3:43 pm

      Oh, is it called that? Can you do me a favor and name an instance of someone talking another person into killing themselves?

      • Timothy Adams

        July 2, 2016 at 11:32 am

        Search “William Melchert-Dinkel.” Pretending to be a female nurse, he asked 15 – 20 people to commit suicide on camera while he watched. A handful of people went through with it (off camera), and he was charged.

  3. ATL 3xtra

    November 2, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    I talked a guy out of shooting himself. He is now married with kids. He also adopted kids into his family as well. These texts were really difficult to read. That girl is a full blown sociopath. Sje will not do much time because she got that complexion connection

  4. Milane Daughenbaugh

    November 16, 2015 at 7:49 pm

    She has to be charged with more than a slap on the wrist !!! She killed him. Manslaughter. She convinced him over and over and over when he was in no frame of mind to make decisions she deserves the death penalty

  5. Claire M Jordan

    December 10, 2015 at 11:04 am

    I would say this was definitely pre-meditated murder. There doesn’t seem to have been anything wrong with the boy which might make the girl genuinely believe he was better-off dead – he didn’t have some agonizing disease, and his depression wasn’t as bad as all that since he really wasn’t all that suicidal if she’d only left him alone – and it wasn’t folie a deux either, since she herself wasn’t suicidal. She was just playing horrible power games for the sake of it.

  6. synnove

    January 3, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    This is just so incredibly sad. I am so sorry for Conrad and his family. I don’t know if she (the girlfriend) is salvageable, she is so damaged. I am so sorry for those that truly did love him.

    • Tracy

      January 25, 2016 at 11:56 pm

      Yes terribly, Truly sad for him and his family. No individual that has a heart or conscious says things like that to someone they profess to love. I think that she should be the one dead. Sorry to say that. Yet, she actually told him to ‘do it now’ geeezzz!

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