‘#ImNotGoingToChurchBecause’ hashtag takes direct aim at the injustices and flawed logic of religion

According to a study by the Pew Research Center last year, people who don’t identify with any particular religion are now the second largest “religious” group in most industrialized nations.

In this nation, the growing abandonment of organized religion is becoming more and more tangible, especially with young people. Reasons for the lack of religiosity vary, mostly boiling down to the unbelievability of stories that come from ancient texts. But as religion in the U.S. becomes more and more politicized, with a powerful contingent in Washington using the Bible as justification to legislate their version of morality, many see the moral hypocrisy of religious leaders and politicians as reason enough to abandon an institution that has an underwhelming track record.

This week, the Twitter hashtag #ImNotGoingToChurchBecause began trending, and most of the sentiments expressed were a perfect window into people’s changing attitudes.

Religious Right, take note:

Naturally, some didn’t appreciate the hashtag:

[Friendly Atheist]

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