Jim Bakker: ‘Unsaved people are going insane’ over Trump’s love for Jesus

On his show this Friday, Jim Bakker repeated one of the biggest lies about Trump: that he’s a devout Christian.

Speaking on his TV program this Friday, televangelist and all-round horrible person Jim Bakker doubled down on one of the most egregious lies about President Trump disseminated by right-wing Christians: that Trump is a devout Christian.

According to Bakker, “unsaved people,” i.e., atheists, are “going insane” over Trump’s love for Jesus.

“They can’t take it,” Bakker said, referring to the unsaved. “They can’t believe that a person was elected to the presidency that honored God, that wants to keep the cross on top of your church, and Jesus in your heart — and he wants to stop killing the babies.”

“But we’re so perverted and so wicked that we think it’s normal … to kill the baby,” Bakker continued. “That’s not birth control; it’s murder.”

“This is one of the main reasons, I believe, judgement finally came to America, is we’ve killed 60 million unborn babies … everybody’s for abortion that’s still alive. I don’t know what that means, but you know what it means.”

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch:

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