Jim Jefferies destroys Trump and his fans in new comedy special: ‘They’re dumb as sh*t’

In his new comedy special “Freedumb,” Jefferies turns his sites to Donald Trump and his fans.

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In a viral bit from a show he did in 2014, comedian Jim Jefferies brilliantly and hilariously pointed out the absurdity of America’s reaction to mass shootings as opposed to his native Australia. Now in his new comedy special Freedumb, Jefferies turns his sites to Donald Trump and his fans.

“What happens is [Trump] says really simple sh*t that means nothing… If you’ve ever said this sentence: ‘I like him because he’s a straight talker,” you’re as dumb as sh*t.”

As usual, Jefferies pulls no punches.

Towards the end of the clip (which is extremely NSFW), Jefferies dials it down a bit and takes a slightly more sentimental tone.

“Now this might be the most hippie thing that ever comes out of my mouth,” he warned.

“The only thing that can beat hate is love. Now, love doesn’t always beat hate… But it does do something. Now, think about your own personal life. Think about a person who hates you and you hate them. From now on, just show that person nothing but love. Now I’m not saying for a second that, that person will start loving you – they’ll probably still f*cking hate you. But one thing will happen: Eventually, everyone will see them as the a**hole.”


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