Just in time for Ann Coulter’s Trump-praising new book, Donald Trump flip-flops on immigration

Other than white supremacists and alt-righters, Ann Coulter has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters. But she recently learned a powerful lesson about what happens to people when they venture too far into Trumpland; he will eventually f*ck you over.

Just yesterday, Coulter released her new book, In Trump We Trust. In an ominous passage where she laments “the orderly transition of America from the greatest nation in history into some pathetic, third-rate, also-ran, multi-cultural mess,” Coulter declares:

“…there’s nothing Trump can do that won’t be forgiven. Except change his immigration policies.”

Just in time for Ann’s new book, Trump did exactly that.

Finally taking note of the toxic sludge permeating his campaign and his brand, Trump pivoted towards an immigration stance that looks more like the amnesty policies that he’s spent over a year railing against – which have been the main thrusters launching him to frontrunner status and ultimately the GOP nomination.

At the book release party and after the betrayal was in the press, Coulter seemed to only be thinking about her next tweetstorm:

…which came soon after:

[Talking Points Memo] Featured image via Twitter

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