Keith Olbermann to Trump supporters: ‘His illness is putting you and your family at risk’

In a segment for his “The Resistance” series on GQ, Keith Olbermann says he’s not out to change anyone’s mind about president-elect Donald Trump. There’s just one thing he wants Trump’s supporters to know.

“So let’s go in on the assumption that you’re smarter than I am, in which case, you already know what my point is going to be,” Olbermann started out.

He recalled how he once was a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, although he had a “problem” that Olbermann didn’t initially see (he fathered a child with another woman as his wife was battling cancer). Same with his support for Anthony Weiner, another politician who ultimately let him down after Olbermann gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Given his support for politicians who were not who they said they were, Olbermann acknowledged to Trump fans that “I have not been where you are right now, but close.”

“And you are in a terrible position,” Olbermann said, addressing Trump voters. “A man whose opinions you agree with has been elected president and is about to be sworn in, and yet I’m pretty sure you know the problem here.”

“There is something really, really wrong with him,” Olbermann declared, referring to Trump.

Watch the video below:

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