Pediatrician slams anti-vaxxer parents: ‘My dog is safer in a kennel than my child is at school’

A Melbourne pediatric doctor is fed up with parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, and she’s speaking out in a video posted to Vimeo that’s getting quite a bit of attention.

Doctor Nelu Simonsz starts out by declaring that she’s going to “cut the crap and tell it how it is.”

“Every day in my work as a pediatric doctor there is one thing that really, really pisses me off,’ she said.  ‘It’s parents who don’t immunize.”

“There are lots of arguments that people who choose to not vaccinate give,” she continued, pointing that the first argument some parents use has to do with “lots of chemicals” they allege to be present in vaccines.

“Isn’t that the same as every single other medication?” Simonsz asked. “Pain killers, the pill – blood pressure medication is proven to save thousands of lives, why are vaccines any different?”

“They’re made with chemicals, yes,” Simonsz conceded. “They are also made with things that we know have saved lives – millions and millions of lives around the world.

Simonsz then addressed the fears surrounding the perceived side effects of vaccines.

“I’m going to bite the bullet and say that the whole autism-immunization link, it’s false.”

Referring to him as “some fool,” Simon reminds viewers that the false link between vaccines and autism was born with the disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield, who published a fraudulent study that was later championed by the anti-vaxxer movement. The study was later retracted.

“Some fool, many years ago, decided to publish this paper that claimed to have some sort of link between immunizations and autism,” she said. “Very quickly it was taken down because it was found to be false.”

“Unfortunately, the damage has been done…”

Simonsz then attacked the anti-vaxxer parent’s claim of “choice.”

“I think it should be up to the child to decide if they want to have the disease or not.”

“I can’t even bring my dog into a kennel without proving he’s been vaccinated,” Simonsz said “My dog is more protected than my child is at school.”

Watch the video below:

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