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Right-wing Christian TV host: ‘The attack on R. Kelly is an attack on all men’

Jesse Lee Peterson is a Christian minister, author, and staunch conservative. His conservatism is so staunch, that he felt compelled to mount a passionate defense of R. Kelly on his show this Thursday.

Peterson’s rant on Kelly, who is currently under intense scrutiny for alleged sexual abuse of minors, demonstrated what was either a lack of knowledge of details surrounding the story or a willingness to ignore them, making Kelly out to be a victim of unfounded attacks.

“There’s this man by the name of R. Kelly,” Peterson said before going on to explain that Kelly has “been accused of having sex with different women and stuff like that.”

“And that’s not a surprise because when you’re an entertainer … the women go after you,” he added.

“Well, apparently R. Kelly been dealing with a lot of women, and now these women are starting to accuse him — I don’t know if it’s true or not — but they’re accusing him,” he continued. “And because he’s been able to survive for so long [in spite of the accusations], they are literally trying to bring him down.”

Peterson went on to say that he doesn’t hear any of Kelly’s accusers “taking responsibility for their actions.”

“You don’t hear what the women are doing to get with these men,” he said. “In the good old days when boys were boys and men were men, it would be discussed both ways: ‘Well what did you do to get into this situation?'”

According to Peterson, these days the discussion is one-sided, and “everyone is pretending like the women are so innocent.”

“It’s amazing,” he lamented.

Watch the clip below. The relevant portion starts at about 16:45:

H/T Right Wing Watch

Featured image: Cook County Sheriff’s Office

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