Trevor Noah: Trump is going around the country admitting his campaign promises were lies

On  Wednesday’s edition  of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the host shined a light on an astounding development in the wake of Donald Trump‘s surge to the presidency; Trump is openly admitting that some of his campaign promises were just to get people riled up.

According to Noah, we’re now seeing a character he likes to call “Truth Trump.”

He then broke to some clips of Trump speaking on his post-election “Thank-You Tour” where the president-elect suggested that his past campaign rhetoric didn’t matter anymore now that he’s won.

“You’ve been hearing me say it’s a ‘rigged system,'” Trump says in one clip. “But now I don’t say it anymore because I won … Now I don’t care!”

“You see? It throws everyone off,” Noah said. “Because politicians aren’t supposed to be honest about their lying.”

“Now with this tour, Trump is finally admitting that it was all bullsh*t,” Noah continued. “He’s admitting it blatantly. Blatantly.”

“Take Hillary for example. Trump spent the entire campaign saying that Hillary was a dangerous criminal who had ruined the country. And for that, he was gonna ‘lock her up.’ People chanted, they held up signs — he even said it to her face at a debate. It was the one specific piece of policy he had. But now that he’s got what he wanted, Truth Trump tells it like it is.”

Noah then cut to a clip of Trump silencing fans at a rally who were chanting, “Lock her up!”

“No, it’s okay,” Trump says in the clip. “That plays great before the election. Now we don’t care, right?”

Noah continued.

“But Trump’s campaign’s central appeal, was that he was an outsider. A man whose main mission was to drain the swamp… But Truth Trump, he tells is like it is.”

Watch the segment below:

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