Voter slams GOP lawmaker at town hall: ‘You guys wasted a lot of money on Benghazi!’

During a town hall event in Arkansas this Tuesday, GOP Rep. Steve Womack blew off calls to investigate the Trump White House’s ties to Russia and ended up getting an earful from his constituents.

“At the end of the day, you and I agree that Russia is a threat, and I believe that once we get the president with his people assembled around him, he will better recognize that Russia is part of the problem,” Womack said to the jeering crowd.

When a man in the crowd asked Womack to answer yes or no on whether he’d support a probe into Trump’s Russia ties, the lawmaker said he didn’t want “rogue” investigations that could expose classified information.

“You guys just want to investigate everybody,” Womack said to a chorus of boos. Some members of the audience brought up the GOP’s lengthy investigations of the Benghazi attacks.

“You guys wasted a lot of money on Benghazi, waste a little on Trump!” a man in the audience said to a chorus of cheers.

Watch the exchange in the video below:

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