Watch Ted Cruz campaign for the guy who called his wife ugly and suggested his dad helped kill JFK

Ted Cruz, a man who touted his principles throughout his presence during the 2016 campaign, has now lowered himself to being a Trump indentured servant.

Never mind the fact that Donald Trump attacked Cruz’s family during the campaign, calling his wife Heidi ugly and suggesting his dad Rafael Cruz was involved in the plot to assassinate JFK – Cruz is hitting the ground for Trump, because apparently politics ‘trumps’ principle.

Photojournalist G.J. McCarthy, who shared the clip of Cruz recently making phone calls on behalf of the GOP nominee, noted that Cruz did not have “much luck getting a live human on line while making calls.”

McCarthy said Cruz left the same voicemail a few times.

“Hi, This is Ted Cruz calling. I was calling you to encourage you to come out and vote on Election Day,” he begins. “This election is critical for the direction of our country, and I urge you to come out and support freedom and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

Naturally, Twitter had a field day:

 Featured image via Twitter

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