WATCH: This footage of molten lava swallowing a ravioli can is fascinatingly beautiful

Can something be newsworthy simply because it looks weird and cool? Of course.

Hawaiian photographer Bryan Lowry has been a Kilauea volcano expert for over two decades, and he’s captured some amazing images of volcanoes on video and film.

This video of a lava flow enveloping a ravioli can is pretty simple and straightforward, yet captivatingly beautiful all at the same time. There’s something very odd and hypnotic in how the bulbous orange-red mass slowly separates from the dark-gray stringy film it’s encased in, enveloping the can and incinerating it into dust.


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  1. Wow, how unimpressive. Better come up with something a hell of a lot more exciting than this for today’s hardcore surfers. REALITY CHECK; Should have been an unopened can. Maybe the heated up ravioli inside would have built up pressure to explode from the top, making it a real crowd pleaser, Quit wasting our time with limp lackluster vids.

    • have you ever filmed lava? can you come up with something better? then show it on the internet, then you might have something to stand on. haha. standing on lava. there ya go, film yourself standing on lava, that’ll top any bozo out there trying to film lava pics…

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  3. For someone that says he is a Kilauea Volcano expert for two decades, you are simply ingnorant and uneducated Mr. Lowry of our Native Hawaiian Traditions and Culture. What you did was disrespectful.

  4. I love lava, the way it flows. the food can got vaporized; maybe people could use that intense heat for cremating after they die. It’s so hot that nothing is left except vapors… Pele is powerful, and I really don’t think She minds a can of Chef Boy Ar Dee to consume… She is a little more pissed at how business humans conduct things with their little money schemes and polluting schemes, and over fishing schemes… Pele can say a lot on those things.

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