Women block Trump Tower entrance: ‘Grab my p*ssy muthaf*cka, I dare you’

According to Gothamist, about 1oo women, including a few men, staged a sit-in protest in front of Trump Tower in New York City Tuesday morning.

The protesters slammed GOP nominee Donald Trump‘s alleged predatory nature with women, saying it’s just another symptom from “decades of Republican attacks on women’s bodies and access to healthcare.”

From Gothamist:

Organizers said that the response to last week’s human chain anti-Trump protest was “overwhelming.” Today’s NYC action is coinciding with similar protests outside of Trump campaign and RNC offices in two-dozen cities, including Albuquerque, Denver, Miami, Oakland, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington DC and Chicago, where one sign read “The Trump Election Gives Me A Yeast Infection.”

Protesters reportedly blocked the entrance for about 30 minutes while banging pots and chanting, “If Trump thinks he runs this town, pussy came to shut it down,” referencing the now infamous Access Hollywood video where Trump is caught on a hot mic describing his penchant for unsolicited attacks on the female genitalia.

“This is really about highlighting the fact that, yes, all women are impacted by the sexist and racist language, but women of color are the most impacted,” Organizer Brigid Flaherty said.

Very colorful signs at this Trump Tower protest

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Check out Gothamist’s photo album of the protest here.

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