Back in 2005, the comic strip ‘Doonesbury’ mocked creationism perfectly and scientifically

Garry Trudeau is an American icon, mainly because he was ahead of the curve on so many social issues.

Long before it was cool, Trudeau was sticking it to religious extremists. That special talent he had for mocking irrationality was demonstrated in the comic below, which he first published in 2005.

In the comic, a doctor offers two choices of antibiotics to a patient suffering from tuberculosis. But since antibiotics are designed to combat bacteria based on how they evolve, a young earth creationist might not have too much “faith” in their effectiveness, considering that they’re based on a scientific theory that the creationist rejects.

It’s a stretch for sure, but it perfectly demonstrates the intellectual pitfalls bible literalists fall into when they cherry-pick science and ignore the natural world.

Check it out:
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