12-year-old ‘scientist’ has a special message for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children

A 12-year-old boy who’s developed a name for himself as a “scientist” on Facebook, recently posted a video where he claims he has “evidence” from research he’s done that proves “vaccines cause autism.”

Marco Arturo posted the video to Facebook on March 24, and it starts out cringe-inducing enough, seemingly portraying an impressionable mind likely influenced by his anti-vaxxer parents.

“Today I’ll be touching a very delicate topic…” Marco starts out.

“We’ve all been lied to by doctors and pharmaceutical companies about vaccines… And after a lot of research I realized that vaccines do and will cause autism.”

Oh no.

He then hoists up a folder which he says contains “every single bit of evidence” that proves the vaccine-autism link.

“And I’ll go page by page, reading and explaining everything I got in here because it’s a lot of information.”

As he opens the folder, he fumbles though the pages inside – empty pages with nothing written. Soon, it becomes obvious that the joke’s on us.

“There’s nothing,” he exclaims.

After fumbling through the blank pages a few seconds more, Marco’s tune changes.

Watch the video embedded above.


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