13-year-old nails kidnapper in the head and chest with his slingshot and saves his 8-year-old sister

A 13-year-old Michigan boy was able to use to slingshot to hit a suspect in the head who was trying to kidnap his sister.

Speaking to 9and10 News, Owen Burns said that he was playing video games at his home on May 10 after school when he heard his sister let out a scream.

“So I looked out the window and saw her being abducted by a person and I’m like freaking out,” the 13-year-old said. He then grabbed his slingshot and let loose, hitting the unidentified 17-year-old suspect in the head and chest, allowing for his sister to escape.

The Michigan State Police released a statement, saying that Burns’ 8-year-old sister was “mushroom hunting” in her backyard “when an unknown male appeared from the woods.”

“The male subject held the victim’s mouth shut before a struggle ensued, and the girl was able to break free. The victim’s 13-year-old brother witnessed the assault occurring in the backyard and shot the suspect with his slingshot in the head and chest,” the statement read.

The suspect reportedly fled and hid at a gas station but was later apprehended by police.

“If I wasn’t out there and I didn’t hear her scream, then she was gone,” the teen said.

Image via 9and10 News 


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