3rd grader finds gun in school bathroom left there by school superintendent

A 3rd grader at a Texas school found a gun in a school bathroom that was left there by the superintendent, according to a local news report.

Superintendent Robby Stuteville told Big Country Homepage that the gun was indeed his, and the students informed a teacher immediately without moving the gun from where it was found. He also said that both he and Rising Start Elementary School’s principle open carry on campus.

Stuteville said he took the gun off and placed it in a stall while using the restroom, where it was then left unattended for around 15 minutes before it was found.

“There was never a danger other than the obvious,” Stuteville claimed.

“This is one of those examples of guns in schools.” Stuteville said. “Regardless of who takes responsibility, they are a considerable danger and one should school their child to be on the lookout for any unusual placement of a weapon or anything out of place.”

Stuteville said he is no longer bringing his gun to school.

Police say they are currently “looking into the legalities” of the incident.

Sky Palma

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