6-year-old shoots baby brother in the face while he was jumping in baby bouncer

A 6-year-old child shot his baby brother more than once in their Michigan home, The Kansas City Star reported.

“Once again another senseless, preventable, horrible incident,” Charles Fitzgerald, assistant police chief in Detroit, said at a press conference.

The 1-year-old was jumping in his baby bouncer when his brother got his hands on a semiautomatic gun and shot his brother once in the cheek and once in the shoulder.

At the time of the incident, the father was in the backyard and the mother away from the home.

“We’re here far too often talking about securing weapons,” Fitzgerald said. “There are gun laws; there are gun safes.”

No one yet has been charged, and the individuals involved are cooperating with the investigation.

“We’re very very fortunate that child is still with us,” Fitzgerald said.

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