A 1950s father gave this timeless advice to his gay son: ‘Don’t sneak’

The year is 2015, and many people are just fine with gay people. However, there are many people who aren’t. There are even still people who throw their gay children out of their homes. Those people sure could stand to take a leaf out of the book of the 1950s farmer in this animated short, who just happens to have a gay son.

The story starts off with a gay kid named Patrick Haggerty and his older brother riding to school in rural 1950s America. Patrick is glittering himself during the ride, and his brother is teasing him for it. The brother also calls their farmer father.

Patrick appears on stage in his school assembly in all  his assembly glory. Of course, the father marched up to the school, and the kid squirms — not because he is terrified of his father’s reaction to his attire, but because of his father’s cow manure-covered overalls. His father says that is who he is, and that’s okay. This is all leading up to a point. The father teases the information out of his son, and finally he gives the best advice a gay kid could ever ask for:

“Don’t sneak. Because if you sneak, like you did today, it means you think you’re doing the wrong thing. And if you run around spending your whole life thinking you’re doing the wrong thing, you’ll ruin your immortal soul.”

I only wish all gay kids, including myself, could have had parents this accepting, for 1950s America. We could learn a thing or two from this.

Watch this incredible story below:

[The Atlantic] Featured image via screen grab

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