A comedy about Hitler is coming to Netflix in April

Netflix is going to release two dozen movies and documentaries over the course of 2016. One of them just happens to be a comedy about Hitler based on a book that was a huge hit in Germany.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the feature film is called “Look Who’s Back,” and it’s based on the best-selling 2012 German novel, “Er ist wieder da.” It will premier on Netflix in April.

The film follows the adventures of The Fuhrer, played by German actor Oliver Masucci, who wakes up in 2011 with no knowledge of anything that’s happened since 1945. He is destitute and alone in the world until he is mistaken for a comedian and lands a show on TV. Oh, and no one suspects who he is.

Netflix has global rights to the series and according to THR, the film will be available to stream on Netflix starting April 9.

Take a look at the “Look Who’s Back” trailer below. But beware, it’s in German:

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