A pediatrician’s devastating rant against vaccine deniers has gone hugely viral

With the spotlight shining firmly on the havoc wreaked by vaccine deniers, tons of material for and against vaccination has received huge engagement on the Internet.

Anyone who has followed DeadState knows exactly where we stand on the issue, and as the debate (or lack thereof) has progressed, so has the focus. Slamming ignorant parents and keeping tabs on where the latest measles outbreak pops up has dominated the news, but it’s easy to forget those who are most vulnerable to the anti-vaxxers’ delusions: the gravely ill who cannot receive all their vaccines, and who rely on us to do so for their protection.

One pediatrician hasn’t forgotten, and a rant he posted on Facebook in early February was so powerful, it went viral as soon as the folks over at The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe grabbed an image of it and shared it on their page.


mike ginsburgAlthough it hasn’t been independently confirmed, a source has told us that since his rant went viral, Dr. Ginsburg has had to change his name on Facebook and hide his account due to excessive harassment by trolls representing the anti-vaxxer community.


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