Accused Russian spy paid the expenses for ex-Sheriff David Clarke’s trip to Russia

According to a detailed report from a local Fox affiliate, the expenses for a 2015 trip to Russia made by former Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke were paid by an organization founded by alleged Russian spy, Maria Butina.

Clarke, who was part of an NRA delegation on the trip, appears in video footage with Butina numerous times. Butina was charged this week with trying to infiltrate the NRA to influence U.S. politics.

Citing Clarke’s financial disclosure form, reports that $6,000 of Clarke’s expenses were paid by Butina’s group, The Right to Bear Arms.

A video posted to YouTube in 2016 shows Butina seated behind Clarke during the delegation’s tour of Orisis, a Russian firearms company. At other points in the video, Clarke can be seen test-firing a gun. At the end of the video, Clarke and other members of the NRA delegation receive complimentary watches from the company.

Just after President Trump’s disastrous press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, the Justice Department announced Butina’s arrest on charges that she secretly sought to influence U.S. politics under the direction of the Russian government.

According to an affidavit filed by an FBI agent, Butina tried to cozy up to an unnamed gun rights organization so she could influence an unnamed major political party. While the entities are not identified in the affidavit, it’s assumed that it’s referring to the NRA and the GOP.


The Right to Bear Arms paid $1,200 for Clarke’s meals — an average of $200 per day he was in the country, according to Clarke’s financial disclosure form.

Butina’s group also paid $3,000 for Clarke’s hotel, $1,000 for his transportation in Russia and $800 for an expense labeled “excursions.”

Watch the video below:

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