Activists blast the words ‘Guilty’ and ‘Criminal’ above entrance to Trump Hotel

On the heels of a rough Tuesday for two former members of President Trump’s inner circle, a group of activists put on a show above the entrance to Trump Hotel in D.C.

With the use of a projector, the words “CRIMINAL” and “GUILTY,” along with the message “Felons Welcome Here” were flashed above the entrance of the hotel. Multi-media artist Robin Bell posted video of the projection to Twitter, saying he was working alongside an activist group called Bridge Project.

As numerous outlets reported today, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted on 8 counts of bank and tax fraud. That same afternoon, Trump’s longtime fixer/adviser, and personal attorney Michael Cohen told a judge that Trump instructed him to break campaign-finance laws in order to pay two women to keep quiet about alleged affairs they had with Trump.

“The question can no longer be whether the President and those closest to him broke the law,” Adam Davidson writes in The New Yorker. “That is settled. Three of the people closest to Trump as he ran for and won the Presidency have now pleaded guilty or have been convicted of significant federal crimes: Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn.”

This isn’t the first time Bell has lit up Trump Hotel with a projector. In March of this year, he projected the words “Crime Scene — Do Not Enter” above the entrance. It was in response to a federal judge’s rejection of Trump’s request to dismiss a lawsuit accusing him of unconstitutionally profiting from his luxury hotel in the nation’s capital.

This time around, Bell words may carry a little more weight. Many agree that today’s events could mark a turning point in the Trump saga.

“It is impossible, after Tuesday, to imagine that a responsible congressional investigation wouldn’t thoroughly examine every deal with which Cohen was involved and wouldn’t even more aggressively seek to understand Manafort’s links to Russian figures,” Davidson writes.

We’ll soon find out.

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