Actor James Franco tried to arrange a hotel hook-up with a 17 year-old on Instagram (SCREENSHOTS)

Actor, writer and “poet” (we’ve read his poetry, thus the quotation marks) James Franco is in a little bit of a mess. According to some very convincing screenshots circulating the Internet, the 35 year-old Franco tried to arrange a hotel hook-up with a 17 year-old Scottish girl.

According to the girl, whose name is Lucy, she was in NYC for an “early” 18th birthday present when she met Franco at his Broadway show, Of Mice and Men.

When she took an Instagram video of her and the actor, he reportedly told her, “You gotta tag me,” presumably so he could look her up later.

Later that night, Franco began flirting with her via Instagram and later by text. Of course, there’s a small chance the exchange was faked, but that’s highly unlikely since Franco provides evidence that it’s really him – twice.

Either way, Lucy posted the WHOLE thing to Imgur (which has now been removed), and now Franco has to answer to his new ‘creepy old guy’ reputation.


franco 1

franco 2

franco 3

franco 4


franco 5


franco 6


franco 7


When the images began circulating, Franco responded on his Twitter account, with an Instagram link that was later removed.


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