Adult website releases hilarious Christmas ad touting their premium subscription service

PornHub recently started a new series of online commercials to advertise its premium subscription service.

Unlike the website, all of the hilarious ads are nudity free and hosted on YouTube. The ads are technically safe for work, though you still might have to do a lot of explaining if your boss catches you.

The site’s latest ad may be their magnum opus, advertising their premium gift cards. We’ll let you decide if the idea of giving Grandpa an all-access adult website pass is either hilarious or creepy — or maybe a lovely mix of both.

It’s a pitch-perfect parody of cheesy holiday ads, nailing the cliches of the anxious gift giver, sappy generic holiday music, and the single tear rolling down the old man’s cheek in appreciation.

“Give the most touching gift of all.”


Featured image via screen grab

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