After calling out Mike Pence, ‘Hamilton’ destroys records by making $3.3 million in one week

Just a week after calling out audience member and vice president-elect Mike Pence and then being the subject of an unhinged Donald Trump Twitter storm, the Broadway musical Hamilton has brought in more money in a single week than any Broadway show in history.

According to the New York Times, the musical grossed $3.3 million in just eight performances, beating Wicked‘s record from 2013.

Just a refresher: As Mike Pence sat in the audience of last Friday’s performance, cast members had a special message for him during the curtain call.

As the audience was applauding, actor Brandon Victor Dixon stepped forward and asked for the their attention. You can watch video of the incident below.

Trump who was seething over the incident, took to Twitter and called for the “rude” cast to apologize and attacked the show as “overrated,” prompting some Trump supporters to call for a boycott.

From Slate‘s Marissa Martinelli:

Depending on your point of view, it’s either extremely easy or extremely difficult to boycott something that is already as exclusive as Hamilton. (Tickets for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s last performance in July sold for thousands of dollars on the secondary market.) What are you going to do, not buy a ticket for a show that it’s already impossible to get tickets for? But Hamilton saw the value of its premium tickets, which vary according to demand, actually rise last week, with some seats going for $998—and that’s just the official box office value.

Granted, the huge numbers aren’t necessarily a calculated refutation of boycotters since tickets are sold far in advance (as Martinelli points out), but it goes to show that the Trumpkins’ plans for a boycott make about as much sense as their voting preferences.

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