After looking at these 30 happy animals, you’ll be smiling just like them

The jury is still out on whether or not animals do actually smile. The more skeptical folks among us think the smiles we see on these animals’ faces are a phenomenon where we tend to attribute human characteristics in animals

It’s already well-known that animals communicate with each other by baring their teeth, changing their postures, etc. But smiles? We’d like to think so.

(For image credits, check out Bored Panda)


happy 1

happy 2happy 29happy 28happy 27

happy 26

happy 25

happy 24

happy 23

happy 22

happy 21

happy 20happy 19

happy 18

happy 17

happy 16

happy 15happy 14

happy 13

happy 12

happy 11

happy 10happy 9

happy 8

happy 7

happy 6

happy 5

happy 4

happy 3

happy 30

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