After smoking out, former cops slam the drug war and argue for marijuana legalization

In a video released Monday (4/20) by Cut Video, a trio of retired police officers argued for legalizing marijuana – just after partaking in the herb and gave each other sobriety tests.

“A real good reason for legalizing marijuana is that some of the stuff on the street right now, you never know what it’s cut with, so you really don’t know what’s gonna happen to you,” says one officer, identified as Rene. He adds that legalization offers consumers “a quality product — you know what it is and where it came from and what it’s gonna do to you.”

Rene said that he can’t remember arresting someone for marijuana possession, but he did make a habit of taking it away from people, then throwing it away.

“I thought that was a bigger deterrent than actually writing them a citation,” he says.

Robert, another retired officer in the video, calls for the drug to be legalized and “more widely available” for medical purposes.

“It also costs more to put somebody in prison — not jail but prison — than it costs to send them to Harvard,” Robert said.

Watch the video below:

h/t The Raw Story

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