After the MAGA Bomber and Pittsburgh, Christian TV host says ‘the left’ needs to tone down their rhetoric

On this TruNews TV show this Monday, right-wing Christian broadcaster and peddler of crackpot conspiracy theories Rick Wiles  took a moment to express his disgust at the mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh that left 11 people dead. But Wiles doesn’t see the recent spate violence and threats as being inspired by right-wing rhetoric and he reserved the bulk of his criticism for “the left.”

Wiles’ comments started out sounding like he was going to break from his usual apocalyptically partisan rants and acknowledged that the country is “tearing ourselves apart as a nation.”

“This should not be happening no matter what our differences,” Wiles said. “Nobody has a right to take somebody else’s life … because you disagree with somebody, because you’re different — you don’t have the right to physically attack anybody.”

“Not only is this not American, it’s definitely not Christian,” he continued. “And this behavior has got to stop, it’s tearing our nation to pieces and innocent people are suffering … Let’s all of us bring down the comments”

“Let’s lower our voices. We don’t need anymore of this stuff.”

It’s a worthwhile message, but it lacks punch when you consider who the messenger is. As Right Wing Watch points out, Wiles is one of the most prolific disseminators of rhetoric that fuels right-wing and religiously-tinged conspiracy theories. He once said former President Obama is ‘inspired by Lucifer’ and ‘directing protests’ against Trump. He also theorized that Obama killed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He also pushed conspiracy theories targeting liberal philanthropist George Soros, saying he should be executed as an “enemy of the state.” Just days before the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Wiles attacked conservative commentator and sometimes-Trump critic Ben Shapiro for being Jewish and having the “spirit of the antichrist.” The list goes on.

Speaking about the Pittsburgh shooting on Monday, Wiles called on the left to lower their voices.

“We have been warning for a long time this is getting out of control and everybody needs to be responsible,” Wiles said. “CNN, you need to get your news people under control. MSNBC, you have got to get your news people under control. You are allowing them to say things that are inflammatory, insulting millions of people in the country. You cannot just everyday call people the worst names because they didn’t vote your way. You have got to stop this stuff.”

Watch the video below. The relevant portion begins at 38:11:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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