Agrabah is a fictitious country from ‘Aladdin’, but 30% of Republicans want to bomb the sh*t out of it

What is a country with a lot of Muslims in it, that sounds sort of Muslim, that is definitely, totally, completely a threat to the American way of life? Agrabah.

Never mind that Agrabah was created by Americans. No, not in the “George W. Bush created ISIS by bombing Iraq for… reasons” kind of way. Americans created Agrabah in the “Disney made a movie called Aladdin and set the location in the fictional town of Agrabah” kind of way.

Does this sound ridiculous to you? Do you think this is a joke? Do you think it’s a parody of an ignorant faction of the Republican Party (and some Democrats!) that is frothing at the mouth so hard to demonize all Muslims without any actual education on the region or the religion that they would actually answer the question “should we bomb Agrabah” with a serious “yes”? Because according to a new PPP poll, THIRTY GODDAMN PERCENT of Republicans polled support bombing Agrabah.

In fairness, the Democrats are not that much better — 19% also support attacking a cartoon country from one of Disney’s most famous films.

I laughed off Donald Trump’s campaign for the first couple months, because everything he said was so racist, so xenophobic, so ignorant, so misogynistic, so narcissistic, and so out of touch with reality that it was a parody of itself.  Suddenly, none of it is funny anymore.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.32.17 PM
Via Public Policy Polling

I want to laugh so badly at a bunch of idiots thinking we should bomb a magical land of genies and streetrats because MUSLIM, but it’s jumped the shark now. Stop it, America. Be better than this. “City upon a hill” and all of that.

[BuzzFeed] Featured image via Disney

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