Aircraft mechanic with ties to ISIS suspected in planting bomb on Russian jet, killing 224

An Egyptian mechanic is suspected of planting a bomb on Russian MetroJet Flight 9268 that crashed into the Sinai Peninsula last October, killing all 224 people on board.

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An Egyptian mechanic is suspected of planting a bomb on Russian MetroJet Flight 9268 that crashed into the Sinai Peninsula last October, killing all 224 people on board.

According to Reuters, the mechanic is suspected of planting an ISIS-obtained explosive device somewhere on the fuselage. Two airport policemen and a baggage handler were also arrested in connection with the bombing, although their role is still unclear.

Authorities believe the suspected policemen may have turned a blind eye or were just negligent at their jobs. The unnamed mechanic reportedly had a cousin linked to ISIS, who could have supplied the device.

“After learning that one of its members had a relative that worked at the airport, [the] Islamic State delivered a bomb in a handbag to that person,” said one of the sources, adding the suspect’s cousin joined Islamic State in Syria a year and a half ago. “He was told to not ask any questions and get the bomb on the plane.”

From Gawker:

Though Egypt maintains that they have not yet found anything linking terrorism to the crash, MetroJet says the plane suffered “external impact.” ISIS has also already claimed responsibility for the attack. The November issue of ISIS’ propoganda magazine Dabiq contained a photo of what the terror organization said is the exact bomb, contained in a can of pineapple soda, that exploded onboard.

In November, Dabiq, ISIS’s propaganda magazine, posted a picture of the exact device that they claim brought down the plan which was concealed in a can of pineapple soda.




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    Michael Vinson

    January 30, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    Give them a fair trial, and if convicted, put them in a plane, telling them they are to be taken to a prison somewhere. Level off at about 16,000 ft, open the door and toss them out. They will then know exactly what some of the passengers experienced.

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    January 31, 2016 at 3:14 am

    01Feb16…..Better still. Russia with its long history of the Gulag still has its outer regions that stretch 1000 miles in all directions with nothing nor no anyone in between. So, take these mu – slime ISIS murderers that put the bomb on the plane, take them out to the centre of the outer region of Siberia and just leave them there. Tell them they have to fend for themselves. Ps: Be ever so kind and give them a parka to wear. Either that or have them electrocuted on death row and at the time of electrocution when the switch is pulled have the lawyer that defended them hold their hand….Go figure…

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