Airline flight attendant spills boiling hot beverage on 10-year-old girl — airline blames the child’s ‘behavior’

A 10-year-old girl suffered second-degree burns after a Vistara Airlines spilled a hot beverage on her. The child’s mother, Rachna Gupta, the child’s mother, said the cabin crew did not help her or apologize for the incident.

The airline is also claiming that the child’s “playful behavior” caused the attendant to spill the drink.

The mother made her claims in a series of posts on Twitter. Read her story below:

@airvistara air hostess causes 2nd degree burn to 10 year old on flight to Frankfurt. An unfortunate accident poorly handled . Vistara hostess didn’t apologize , captain or crew members didn’t apologize . After basic first aid on flt my daughter and I were left in an ambulance to fend for ourselves ( pay for ambulance / navigate the German medical emergency services ) in an unfamiliar environment . Our luggage had to be taken out by friend of a friend who made 3 trips to the airport and spent 4-5 hours pillar to post.
Vistara or Amex the booking agent in india refuse to help saying they have no intimation of incidence . Vistara refuses to help us come back to india Vistara hasn’t called even once to check on the child or me stuck in a foreign land with foreign language.
Thank god I can afford to pay, wonder what would happen to people without resources.
Got a call from @airvistara with a standard scripted apology saying they need 24-48 hours to respond. While we remain stranded with a daughter in pain in a foreign land.
The @TataCompanies and @SingaporeAir airlines are know for it’s ethics and integrity. Sadly this has not trickled down to @airVistara. The past…Hours have been harrowing for our child. After the tweet we received a customary call saying the airline would revert in 24 to 48 hrs.
My daughter, Tara, and I were traveling from Delhi-Frankfurt. She asked one of the @airvistara hostesses for a hot chocolate. The hostess arrived with two cups of hot beverages on a tray. While opening the service tray, one of the cups spilled on my kid.
@airvistara My child was sitting & watching a movie while not disturbing anyone. The beverage was extremely hot, causing a second-degree burn to my kid. Are there any protocols in place to ensure the temperature of the beverages served on board?
The entire crew lacked basic first-aid knowledge in such a situation. Neither the head girl, the air hostess, nor the captain extended an apology throughout the rest of the flight. Unacceptable!
After deboarding, I had to carry my kid in an ambulance for her medical needs, at my own expense. @airvistara and the crew members left us stranded in a foreign land. They also failed to assist with our left-behind luggage, leaving my friend to spend 5 hours managing it.
I didn’t receive a single call from @airvistara until 31 hours post the incident, as if they bore no responsibility. Only after sharing the incident on Twitter, the country manager reached out to us.

Image via Frank Kovalchek/Flickr

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