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Al Sharpton Grills George Zimmerman’s Lawyer in MSNBC Interview (VIDEO)

In his first ever appearance on PoliticsNation, George Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara agreed to engage the Reverend Al Sharpton in a discussion of the details of the 2012 shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

The interview was for the most part civil, but there were a few points where Sharpton grilled O’Mara, one of which is the contention that Zimmerman, in seeming contrast to his plea of self-defense, actually continued to pursue Martin after the 9-11 dispatcher directed him not to do so.

Sharpton also brought as an example a second 9-11 tape that features screaming in the background, saying that a number of experts have theorized that the voice is Martin’s. O’Mara responded that interpretations of the tape can vary.

Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch volunteer, has pleaded not guilty in the case, claiming he shot Martin in self-defense.

Watch the full PoliticsNation segment in the video below.

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