Alabama pastor trolls Trump supporters with signs in front of his church

Since President Trump‘s election, the Rev. Michael R. Jordan has been trolling Trump supporters with signs outside his Birmingham, Alabama church.

“Trump deceived poor white folks,” says one side of the most recent sign at New Era Baptist.

“Undercover racist elected Donald Trump,” says the other side.

Speaking to, Rev. Jordan explained the logic behind his sign:

“There’s a covert expectation by even poor whites of white privilege,” Jordan said. “They feel like even if they’re illiterate, skin color should give them privilege. Even if they are an illiterate, they feel superior to a black president with a Harvard degree. What interrupted that was a black president and immigrants. Trump plugged in on that. He’s talking basically about let’s get white males in charge. That was the covert message of this campaign.”

“Everything to poor whites was Obama’s fault,” he continued. “They feel that because they’re white they should get privileges.”

“Once [Trump] got in power, he put people worth $11 billion on his cabinet,” Jordan said.

He added that Trump relied on age-old bigotry to gather support during the run-up to his surge to the presidency.

“We have been taught to fear these immigrants,” Jordan said. “Everybody over here is an immigrant except Native Americans. There is a feeling immigrants are taking our jobs. That is the code issue of the election. He’s using that fear factor: too many immigrants, and a fear factor on terrorists.”

But taking the Rev. Jordan’s remarks to mean he’s a champion for progressive values would be a mistake. As points out, in 2004, Jordan made headlines when one of his signs read, “AIDS is God’s curse on a homosexual life.” He’s also posted messages condemning gay marriage, with one sign reading, “God’s Word forbids two men getting married,” where he added that gay marriage is “not a civil right.”

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