Alan Rickman was brilliant even when he was inhaling helium with Jimmy Fallon

What an awful week for fans of talented entertainers. When David Bowie passed, I could at least listen to Blackstar on repeat, a final goodbye from a larger-than-life superhuman. But with Alan Rickman, the cut (for me, anyway) feels more personal.

Honestly, I’m watching Galaxy Quest right now. Rickman’s character in Galaxy Quest is a Shakespearean actor who will forever be remembered for his role in a hokey sci-fi show — his actual nightmare. As he grumbles “by Grabthar’s Hammar, what a savings!” at a fold-up table in front of a mattress store, wondering how his life ended up there, he embodies all of us. Rickman, for having such a noble bearing, was Everyman.

As mentioned, one of Rickman’s most identifiable traits is his majestic, perfect voice. Of course, he was a Shakespearean actor; with a voice like that, he never had a choice. But Rickman had a sense of humor. In the following clip on Jimmy Fallon’s show, Rickman and Fallon inhale helium balloons while discussing his role as Professor Snape.

Rickman mentions that in a previous show, Fallon and Benedict Cumberbatch had a “Rickman-off” where the two competed against each other to see who had the better Alan Rickman impression. When Fallon explains that he and Cumberbatch are huge fans, Rickman is unimpressed, choosing instead to be “offended” by their impressions.

The video is 2 minutes and 17 seconds of solid comedy gold. Rest in Peace, Mr. Rickman. I’m off TO FIND A PUB (sorry, another Galaxy Quest reference) in your honor.


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