Alex Jones accuses Sandy Hook parents of being part of a ‘globalist plot’ to kill him

After years of claiming the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 was a false flag that was staged with “crisis actors,” Alex Jones is facing lawsuits from parents accusing him of defamation.

This Monday, two lawsuits were filed by the parents of two children who died in Newtown. The suits say that Jones used his media platform InfoWars to claim they were lying about the deaths of their children, resulting in harassment and death threats carried out by his followers.

The suites were filed in Austin, Texas, by Neil Heslin who lost his 6-year-old son, and Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, both of whom also lost their 6-year-old son. Both suits are seeking over $1 million in damages from Infowars (which is based in Austin) and a related company, Free Speech Systems LLC.

During a segment of the Alex Jones Show this Wednesday, Jones took an opportunity to weave the lawsuits into another conspiracy, claiming they’re part of a wider plot to take him down.

According to Jones, the lawsuits were orchestrated by the “Democrats” and “the media” to slander his reputation.

“The suit by the media, by the Democrats, using the poor parents, is meant to just demonize yours truly building up to something big,” Jones said in a clip flagged by Media Matters.

“They physically, I can guarantee you, want to assassinate my character ahead of setting me up, putting me in prison, or having me killed,” he continued. “If you don’t think the globalists don’t kill people all day — they’ve hijacked America, they killed President Kennedy, they’re trying to kill President Trump.”

“They’re trying to stop this country being restored. And they’re using a lot of people to demonize their opposition in the wake of it. And so a lot of people are asking me how I’m doing. I am doing great, thanks to you.”

Watch the video below, via Media Matters:

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