Alex Jones’ ex-wife: ‘I lived in a domestically violent situation isolated from friends and family’

In an interview with the David Pakman Show this Tuesday, Alex Jones’ ex-wife Kelly Jones talked about her marriage to the conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder, saying that he was violent and emotionally abusive towards her during their “nightmare” relationship.

After being initially attracted to Jones because he was “different than anybody I had ever met,” she said after several years into the relationship she found herself in a “domestically violent situation completely isolated from all friends and family.”

“It was a nightmare to be with him, it was horrible, and especially towards the end it was awful, untenable,” she said after mentioning his substance abuse problems and anger issues. She added that she only stayed in the marriage because she was trapped in a “domestic abuse cycle.” The couple divorced in 2005 and are currently embroiled in an ongoing custody battle.

She said that since the divorce, she’s been able to provide her kids a “relatively normal life within the constraints of the bizarre, conspiratory, you know, cocoon of Alex.”

“The reason why I’m coming out so hard, too, is I divorced Alex Jones. And everybody looked at me and gaslit me and said I was a liar and worse and treated me horribly, victim-shamed me when I came forward with serious concerns about abuse, and neglect, and other things,” she said.

As Media Matters points out, two former InfoWars employees recently filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging abusive behavior from Jones and co-workers while on the job.

“If that can happen to me with Alex Jones, there’s people back there all over [Travis County, Texas] and all over this country who don’t have the possibility of this kind of publicity because they didn’t divorce a notorious unwell person. But I did. Doesn’t that concern you, America, that this is happening in family court?”

At one point during the interview, host David Pakman asked if she saw anything to suggest that Jones only spouted his crazy theories for the sake of his show and didn’t actually believe them in private.

“He believes all that stuff and worse,” she replied. “And it’s really all he cares about. He doesn’t really have any other interests or any other life. It’s just a cocoon of paranoia, narcissism, superimposing these feelings over his family and his entourage — I wouldn’t say ‘friends,’ I don’t know if he really has any real friends. Everyone around him is really highly paid.”

“He’s become an incredibly powerful guy, and his paranoia and conspiracy that was always non-partisan has shifted … he’s a propaganda mouthpiece — there’s no other way to look at him.”

Watch the full interview below, via the David Pakman Show:

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