Alex Jones: Florida school shooting was a false flag to help Democrats kill the Nunes memo

On the Alex Jones Show this Thursday, nutritional supplement huckster and peddler of nutbag conspiracy theories Alex Jones made sure to give his thoughts on the Florida high school shooting that left 17 people dead.

The blood is still wet on the concrete of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, but that didn’t stop Jones from adding his completely unfounded speculation to the tragedy, saying that the event proved his prediction that globalists would trigger a major event in order to bolster Democratic Rep. Adam’s Schiff’s claim that the release of Devin Nunes’ controversial memo could increase the threat of domestic terrorism.

“Their whole globalist system is falling apart,” Jones said.

“The left’s been caught running Antifa that’s cop-killing,” he continued. “They’ve been caught in their own documents that came out a month ago—George Soros’ son funding movements trying to get national riots going when Obama was in in 2015 to be able to trigger civil war.”

“You can see exactly what they’re saying. And then someone that fits, not the profile of a nihilist like we were thinking, but someone who is completely mentally ill, autistic, totally suggestible, will do whatever he’s told, on psychotropic drugs, who doesn’t have parents — it’s in the news — magically is there and all the eyewitnesses are saying multiple shooters.”

“The church shooting in Texas, all of it—we know the FBI was told. We know they knew specifics,” he added. “They knew that they were warned for years that this guy was highly suggestible. And now we’ve got witnesses of the multiple shooters. This is incredible, and this is how the globalists want to beat the country.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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