Alex Jones: Gun owners will be ’rounded up like Jews in Nazi Germany’

Noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones declared on his web show that the globalist attempt to take over America is now underway.

After President Obama announced plans to enact a gun control executive action, Jones launched into a lengthy rant where he called Obama a dictator, compared gun owners to Jews in Nazi Germany, and talked extensively about government false flag operations.

Jones attempted to start a movement pressuring Congress to impeach Obama, directly comparing the President to Hitler and other historical dictators, accusing him of a gross abuse of power. Jones said that Obama is using the race card to impose dictatorial policies on Americans.

“…directly out of Nazi Germany.”

Jones predicted that gun owners would be persecuted like Jews during WWII, rounding them up and settling them into ghettos where government agents will make them disappear.

“They’re coming for our guns to enslave us,” said Jones. “They admit that.”

Jones then talked about one of his favorite topics: false flag operations. According to Jones, many American tragedies like Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing were completely fabricated by the government. Jones believes that the government staged the tragedies in order to weaken the Second Amendment.

“I’m telling you, as sure as the sun came up this morning, they’ve got the teams on the ground, in place, waiting for the phone calls, with the trucks loaded with the plastic explosives, to blow up federal buildings, and they are going to blame me, by name, and Matt Drudge, by name, and Rush Limbaugh, by name, and Donald Trump, by name, within 20 minutes of the bombs going off, or a special-ops team from Europe shooting up a school, killing a patriot, leaving them at the scene.”

Jones’s rant became less focused on Obama and the Second Amendment as he accused the government of putting “cancer viruses in the vaccines.”


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