Alex Jones holds press conference, talks about ‘spider goats’ and ‘glow-in-the-dark monkeys’

After the lifting of a gag order, Alex Jones did not disappoint this Friday during a press conference outside the courtroom where he lost a custody battle with his ex-wife. As Jones walked towards the gaggle of reporters, the biggest disseminator of fake news on the internet accused the reporters of being part of a “feeding frenzy” of “fake news media.”

“All the fake news media can edit in all their fake clips and everything to this,” Jones started out. “But folks watching online will see the truth.”

“This was one of the first modern trials where you had corporate establishment mercenary media perched in the courtroom, literally  cherry-picking, twisting and distorting everything, ” Jones charged. “That is why it has accelerated the demise of the corporate media. You guys wonder why you have dwindling audiences, and you don;t have support. It’s because you deceive people and you lie to people.”

“Now I know you people have corporate masters who order you to do that,” he continued. “You’ve got editors who add disinformation to your stories.  But again that’s the bottom line.”

Jones also addressed a lawsuit filed against him by the yogurt company Chobani, saying that he’s considering a counter-suit.

“We’re thinking of an aggressive corporate strategy to actually go after the New York Federal Reserve and the school lunch program that [Chobani’s CEO] is a part of.”

Chobani is suing the Infowars host for spreading false information about the company after Jones claimed they were involved in importing migrant rapists to Twin Falls, Idaho.

Jones later ventured into the subject alleged human-animal experiments conducted by the government. “Do you have any idea how dangerous these human-animal chimeras are?”

“Google it,” Jones commanded.

Watch the full press conference uploaded to YouTube by Infowars:

Featured image via screen grab

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