Alex Jones: If Hillary Clinton wins, ‘a third of the world’s population will be killed’

Donald Trump‘s most notorious conspiracy-mongering supporter has a new warning for his impressionable and fear-drenched radio listeners: If Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 election, a world war is coming where a third of the earth’s population will be killed.

Sounding more like a televangelist than a quack media personality, Alex Jones warned that we’re at the tipping point of a societal “meltdown.”

“We’re at a decision time,” Jones said. “And I think, in my gut, I know if we don’t elect Trump—but beyond that, if we don’t all start making the right decision to stand up and speak out—I believe we’re going to come under great judgment and I believe there’s going to be a total worldwide financial meltdown and probably a world war. And I think, like the Bible says, I think a third or more of the population’s going to be killed.”

Jones’ guest, Curves fitness founder and fellow conspiracy theorist Gary Heavin, added that the election represents a “great battle” between globalism and nationalism, just like the bible says.

“And this globalism the Bible predicts is going to happen,” Heavin said. “The bible predicts it’s going to be led by the Antichrist himself. You know, you’re going to have to take the Mark of the Beast to buy or sell.”

“They’re suddenly, on every channel, NBC, CBS, Fox, Dr. Oz, all saying, ‘Take a mark to buy and sell, make yourself—’ They’re all saying it,” Jones responded.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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