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Alex Jones says QAnon allowed Democrats to ‘steal the election’ and ‘manipulated people to go into the Capitol’

Infowars host and career conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is fed up with QAnon and is accusing adherents of the ever-evolving conspiracy theory of helping Democrats “steal the election.”

During a recent episode of his show, Jones lashed out at a caller who asked him who is behind the conspiracy cult.

“Q is such a horrible thing that I hate even talking about it,” Jones said.

“It was all a delusion so the Democrats could steal the election,” Jones declared.

Do you understand that we lost the country because of Q?” Jones shouted. “And I have to put up with the Q people all over the place! And I’m tired of it!”

“So, I’m not mad at you, but you hit a button!” Jones continued. “And the damn Q people were the ones that manipulated some people to go into the damn Capitol and work with the feds. Q is the worst people on Earth! Q is the new world order! Q is a psyop to lead us around by our noses!”

Watch the video below: 

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