Alex Jones slams Trump’s calls for protest: ‘He’s basically lighting a cigarette while playing with gasoline’

During an appearance on conservative comedian Steven Crowder’s show this Tuesday, Alex Jones criticized former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social post where he urged his supporters to “PROTEST” and “TAKE OUR NATION BACK” as unverified rumors swirled that he’d be indicted and arrested this Tuesday. According to Jones, Trump had a right to call for protests, but considering his history regarding Jan. 6, it was a bad idea.

“You could see then how some people will think, ‘Take the country back,’ and then some provocateurs do something, they could point right at Trump and say, ‘See. He basically pushed them to do this,” Jones said.

“It does look like he’s trying to use the public to push right up to the edge, and I think in this … volatile situation we’re in, we don’t need to be like antifa,” he continued.

“If you’re filling up your tractor with gasoline and it’s your farm, do you have a right to light a cigarette while you’re doing it? Yes, but it’s probably something you shouldn’t do,” Jones said. “And he’s basically lighting up a cigarette while he’s playing with gasoline.”

As of this writing, no indictment was handed down against Trump, and prosecutors have not confirmed any plans to arrest him.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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