Alex Jones: Trump is defending us from an AI program that’s trying to create a ‘post-human world’

Crackpot conspiracy theorist and Trump supporter Alex Jones has a new theory regarding the overwhelming media reports of scandal surrounding the Trump presidency.

The narrative here is a bit tricky to follow (which is usually the case when Jones is speaking off the cuff), but the folks over at Right Wing Watch flagged a clip from Jones’ show where he and a guest discuss how globalists are using a “collage of chaos tactic” which designed to confuse people by keeping a never ending flood of news stories circulating in the news cycle.

It’s an “information apocalypse” Jones declared.

According to Jones’ guest, outlets like InfoWars take the collage of chaos and tie the stories together to unmask the conspiracies within.

“They want to keep you in-the-moment confused,” Jones added.

“But we’ve got the enemy battle-mapped — we’re not even looking at what they’re projecting,” he continued frantically. “We’ve got their battle map, and that’s what they hate.”

Then came this:

“This is already an AI (artificial intelligence) system that made the decision to have a post-human world and Trump has jumped in with others and said, ‘No, we’re not doing it at the elite level.”

“And they don’t want us to question the next false flag,” Jones said, referring to his penchant for claiming tragic events are staged. “That’s what they’re really pissed about.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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