Alyssa Milano responds to Sebastian Gorka: ‘English is hard when Nazi is your first language’

This past MLK day, actress and activist Alyssa Milano took the opportunity to criticize President Trump, taking to Twitter to say that “those that continue to defend and support this President in all his racist horror, are more unamerican than any of those you are trying to deport.”

In a subsequent tweet, Milano posted a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. with the caption, “So, @realDonaldTrump, you can try to strip away our rights. But you will NEVER strip away our innate ability to DREAM.”

That’s when former Trump security adviser Sebastian Gorka chimed in. “Dream away @Alyssa_Milano,” Gorka tweeted in response. “But in the real World @realDonaldTrump won on November 8th. And he’s already done more for Americans – Black, White and all colors in between- that (sic) you EVER will. #MAGA”

For someone who wants to make American great again, Gorka’s reverence for writing the English language is slightly lacking, and Milano made sure to take note:

“Than,” Milano wrote, pointing out to Gorka that his usage of the word ‘that’ was incorrect. “I know…English is hard when nazi is your first language.”

Milano’s “Nazi” charge isn’t just a random insult. Gorka has been accused of having ties to an antisemitic Hungarian political party. The U.S. Jewish magazine The Forward wrote a detailed report on Gorka’s links to the group after he wore its medal during Trump’s inauguration. Gorka denied the accusation of anti-Semitism and said he wore the medal to honor his father.

From The Forward:

The elite order, known as the Vitézi Rend, was established as a loyalist group by Admiral Miklos Horthy, who ruled Hungary as a staunch nationalist from 1920 to October 1944. A self-confessed anti-Semite, Horthy imposed restrictive Jewish laws prior to World War II and collaborated with Hitler during the conflict. His cooperation with the Nazi regime included the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Jews into Nazi hands.

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