Amazon CEO offers to send Donald Trump into space

Following Donald Trump’s claims that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was “screwing the public” by sheltering his money through an investment in The Washington Post, Bezos took to Twitter with a unique reaction.

This claim turned out to be entirely false and quickly disproved by journalists. Trump, as usual, came off looking incredibly stupid, which is now a daily occurrence.

Bezos replied by offering the reality TV star and GOP frontrunner a seat on his space startup’s reusable rocket. Bezos simultaneously offered a solution to the Donald Trump Problem and pointed out that Blue Origin will not discriminate against anyone, even America’s most ignorant and discrimination-happy politician.

After Trump’s recent fascistic call to ban all Muslims from the United States, sending him to space may seem like the best choice to many people. Unfortunately, commercial flights on Bezos’ Blue Origin Rockets are years away. The American public might just have to settle for Trump’s campaign crashing back to earth.

Featured image via Twitter

Isadora Teich

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